...degree students are always conditioned to expect, turned itself to a disappointment after stopping at a Bazaar and taking a local bus known to me as the Mad Maxs of Bangladesh.  Once inside the bus, he experienced chikens, goats, ducks and more than enough people to fit inside and litteraly outside the bus.


He was shocked to see the mud branch office and to find a tin roof house with a mud floor having no windows and a door which was to be opened by slanting and erecting a bamboo pole for supporting the door open.  By this time he was thinking about what he had gotten himself into and immediately planned the impossibility of working there.  He was determined to go back to Dhaka on the next day.  By the way as he came to find out, the branch used to be known as a punishment branch where the working conditions were extremely difficult.  There were no concrete roads, and during the rainy season it was impossible to ride the bicycle.  Therefore all the weekly instalments were collected by foot.  "At times your foot sinks into one foot deep of mud while going to get weekly collections" frowning as he remembered those overly priced golden days.  


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