Mr. Rabbi graduated with a master in 1987, and applied to work for the Grameen Bank in 1988.  His first feelings of acceptance for the position of a bank worker, were feeling of happiness and success over many of his friends who did not have a job.  The family was also happy that their son received a job in the difficult economic conditions of Dhaka where unemployment totals all records and where stress or social economic acceptance has placed significant pressure on the high levels of education required to find employment.


After a day briefing at the head office they gave him a letter which explained where he would have to go to Chittagong his new home and office for his promising career as a training officer.  The first place of the trip would be by bus, followed by the second in rickshaw for five kilometers from the main road to the village he was suppose to go.  It was Friday the day he left the head office and Saturday was the day he would start performing as a trainee at the Baman Sundare Mir Sarie branch office.  He arrived late Friday afternoon in Chittagong.  Mr. Rabbi already visualised air conditioned office room, housing all the comforts a master.. 


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