...the end of my studies.


I studied until class 9 and so did my brothers.  My sister stopped a little bit earlier.  The youngest of my brothers, graduated and is now working in Malaysia.


Today, I must be the only woman in the village not taking care of any housework.  But taking care of my family represents a lot of other responsibilities.  My uncles help me out in any big decisions the family has to take.  I never got married, my only engagement being to take care of my family and improving their living conditions.  Being the eldest wasnít always easy.  But I donít have any regrets when I see the respect and the love my brothers end sister show me today.  Besides, they cook for me, do my laundry and everything else.


In 1980 I heard about a project that lends to the people of the village.  When the Grameen employee came to talk about it, I was too young then and didnít know what to do.  I was afraid not to be able to pay back, specially...

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