I was born some 37 years ago preceding four other sisters and brothers.  Hasna Begum is my name.  I am a member of the second group of the Centre 38 of Grameen Bank. 


In my eleventh year, death in the traits of typhoid decided that my father wouldnít see us grow up.  He was 37 years old at the time, the age of all possibilities.  Homeopathic doctor, he was a very generous man.  When a patient would consult him but would be unable to pay the visit, when he didnít have anything to pay, not even to eat, my father would give him some money.  Ten Taka were our only legacy when he left us.


In class six at the time, I didnít have money to buy school books..  I went to my grand parentsí, hoping they would be able to lend me the amount I desperately needed.  To no availÖ  My absent uncles couldnít help me either.  I didnít know anybody who could advance such amount.  I silently cried for hours.  When my neighbour who saw me crying knew the reason of my tears, she told me not to worry.  Thatís how my mother borrowed from them.  I was deeply upset by this episode of my life: I thought it was... 



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