Grameen rules: 16 decisions that summarise the Grameen philosophy.  They go from growing vegetables and do some sport to have a healthy life to not ask any dowry for their daughters.  Every member knows them by heart.


Group funds: Funds composed of the group savings.  These savings come partly from the 2 daily Takas they put aside during the 7 day training when becoming a member and partly with the weekly saving when repaying a loan.


House loan: Long term loan (10 years), the house loan is one of the most popular credits.  The borrower can choose how he wants to distribute the weekly  repayment over that period.  Being a non productive investment, the interests rates are lower (8 %).


Leasing loan: Only members with excellent repayment records can access the biggest loan in Grameen.  The installments are flexible and usually cover 2 or 3 years with an interest rate of 20 %.  The ownership of the good is only transferred to the borrower once the loan has been fully reimbursed.


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